Stark Engineering and Hardware

Australian Agriculture is stamped with the iconic brands 'Warwick Cattle Crush' and 'Starkbilt'.

These are inspirational brands... from a quiet achiever that has its roots back to 1967 and 1917 respectively.

Supplying all the major production entities in the cattle and small crop industries from Kununurra to Werribee, Darwin to Davenport... even overseas to New Zealand, South East Asia and the UK, Stark Engineering are the innovators of many industry changing innovations and holders of patents for concepts that will revolutionise your life and operations.

Ok so that's impressive but what is it that makes them unique?

When you deal with Stark Engineering you are dealing with two men that stand behind their reputations... that enjoy a network of 'friends' that is as wide as it is deep... and who practice good old fashioned country business ethics. Their word is their bond!

Yes, Gary Stark and Ray Villis will offer you that same tried and proven 'country smart' approach to business so that you can join their long list of happy clients... clients that usually become much more than that... they become friends!

You don't get to be this respected without doing it right!

You get to enjoy long standing relationships that have weathered more storms than the Australian outback without backing it up!

You don't have this sort of respect without being innovative and exciting!

Everything Stark Engineering does is measured, managed and maintained so that you can do one thing well... Be productive!

From the drawing board to the results board the Stark solutions are designed to work and keep on working, year in, year out!

So if you're looking for innovative and reliable cattle handling equipment the brand to remember is Warwick Cattle Crush Company. If you want salad with that, think Starkbilt. These are the brands that have been quietly achieving and building this great land for decades, approaching centuries!