Processing & Packing

Horticulturalists looking for robust and reliable processing and packaging equipment need look no further than Stark Engineering. With almost a quarter of a century of experiance in processing and packaging solutions they have the runs on the board for you. From washing and brushing equipment (both wet and dry) to rotary and in line packing systems, they have done it all for the widest range of horticultural crop types. They have many satisfied clients from right across Australia who attest to their abilities.

  Bulk Hopper
  General Purpose Vegetable Washer
  Ginger Washer
  Broccoli Packing System - Inline
  Broccoli Packing System - Rotary
  Pumpkin & Melon Washer - Large
  Soaker Tank - Pumpkin
  Soaker Tank - Rockmelon
  Sweet Corn Topper