Tipping Tables

Bull Rollover Table

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The Bull Rollover Table is especially designed to roll cattle on their side to carry out any sort of husbandry operation.


Calf Cradle Spin Roll

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Save the effort, time, cost and backache while branding 100 calves an hour! This particular calf cradle has been especially developed to be simple, efficient and safe.

Simple operation with reduced lost motion

Spin-rolling, balanced on the weight centre by device, eliminates the effort.

Fast without fatigue or jarring the calf.

A clean convenient height and no backache.

Free walk - through with no footboard to baulk.

Portable to another yard or shed storage.

Handles a bigger range of sizes.

Reversible to either work side.

Sturdily built of heavy RHS box section.


Calf Cradle Throw Down

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The throw down cradle is a simple but effective design. The cradle is mounted at the end of a race and we recommend that the cradle be bolted firmly down to a concrete slab. Once the beast is caught the cradle is then pulled over onto a tyre to break the fall. The calf cradle allows good access to any part of the animal once on the ground, allowing the user to carry out any animal husbandry treatments.

Features include:


Hydraulic Calf Cradle

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Features Include;


Hydraulic Weaner Cradle


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Features include:


Halal Restraining Box

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